ASPNM Message Board

Hello Athletes and Volunteers,


We set up this message board for people in the ASPNM community to be able to easily communicate with each other and share relevant information.  This would be a good place to:


  • Find ride shares to ski area/other activities
  • Advertise gear you're looking to sell/donate
  • Find activity partners, etc.
  • If you want people to contact you directly, be sure to include your email/phone number in the post.


**Please note that all posts will be reviewed before they are posted.  It may take up to 48 hours for your post to publish.  Posts will not be published if found inappropriate (solely at the discretion of ASPNM staff).**

Link to Sandia Peak Ski Area Link to Ski Santa Fe

"Our Mission is to enhance the lives of children

and adults with disabilities through recreation."

Our program is made possible each season
by our primary sponsors, Sandia Peak & Ski Santa Fe.